audio exported under name without one dot of many

Windows 7 32bit, Audacity 2.1.2 exe
linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-64bit, Audacity 2.0.5


The suggested default file name to Export Audio (Shift+Ctrl+E) or Export Selected Audio lacks one dot if there are a multiple dots in original file name before file extension.

a…wav <— original file opened
a.wav <— wrong file saved

X…X…wav <— opened
X…X…wav <— saved

Although few people might use such name schema, they are valid file names, so I think it is a bug.


I think it is a bug.

You should be careful how you toss around the “B” word.

few people might use such name schema

The way I understand it, dot management is an effort to decide whether or not the user intends to add their own extension. It has nothing to do with valid filenames. Few Mac people and no Windows user ever gets to see a valid filename.

If it didn’t shift, a user could easily get a filename such as MyMusic.MP3.wav. In Windows, this would look like MyMusic.MP3.

It’s not an MP3.


On Linux, if I export as “…wav” I get a file called “…wav” (note that is “dot dot dot wav”, not “dot dot - dot wav” or “dot dot dot - dot wav”). By default it is “invisible” (“hidden”).

If I copy that file to a Windows machine, it is not hidden, but by default it is displayed as “…”
Have you contacted Microsoft about this “bug”? :wink:

Some of these names might be valid in the file system. But especially double dots are not valid in networks and not even in some versions of Windows Explorer.

A double dot will get you in to trouble with network transfer. Some tools refuse files with double dots, others crash or place your file in the wrong directory, making it look as if the file disappeared after transfer. It’s even a great way to test security.

So I wouldn’t call this an Audacity bug. More like a hacker’s wet dream :laughing:

I agree you might call it a minor bug. If you open “a…wav”, you are offered “a.” in the exported file name, with the “.wav” being implied if you are saving as WAV. Saving should then show you the overwrite warning but it creates a new file “a.wav”.

Another symptom - typing “a” and “a.” both produce “a.wav”.

Most Windows apps will show you the file name and extension, so opening “aa.txt” and “Save as” will offer “aa.txt”. It may or may not be a wxWidgets for Windows limitation but I don’t know why we don’t show the default extension in the offered file name (the one that will be used if you overtype and just type the file name).


I don’t know why we don’t show the default extension in the offered file name

I wondered that.


On Mac, importing “a…wav” works as one would hope. When you export you are offered “a…wav” and when you save you get the overwrite warning (assuming you are in the same directory).


When I export an equalizer curve, I don’t automatically get .xml at the end (that I remember).

If you use the current 2.1.2 release this works correctly on Mac. If other than XML extension is supplied, or if no extension is supplied, “.XML” is added to the end of the exported file.