Audio Editing Getting Rid of Noise


I’m wondering if someone can help?

I made an audio recording yesterday of an Organ in Chapel and in the audio file someone was banging on the window and I’ve managed to use “noise reduction” on one part but before that as you can see in the attached image the banging starts and I want to know how I can “Iron” it out so that it retains the sound of what I’m hearing?

Spectrogram view is more useful …
where the banging overlaps with the organ spectrum you’re stuck with it.

I’ve no idea what your talking about!

You posted an image of the Audacity’s waveform display.
The spectrogram display is of more use when trying to remove noises. In Audacity you can edit the spectrogram, similar to removing unwanted elements from an image in Photoshop.

Its still all gobledygook can anyone else pinpoint me?

spectrogram is more useful

Pass I don’t deal with Robots just a human!

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