Audio Edit: Help restoring clipped 1st syllables after silence when using noise reduction

Hi there,
I’m learning how to clean-up background noise on my own meditation recordings.
I’ve found some great tips online that have helped get rid of hum (with plug-in) and general background noise.
The issue now is that the first syllables after a pause/silent segment are clipped in many places. These recordings are 10-20 minutes long, so I can restore those parts manually, if necessary.
I’d love any suggestions on how to do this differently to avoid the clipping - and / or, how to restore it manually.
I’m grateful for any help you might provide!

There are two kinds of clip: The first syllable is missing, or the first syllable is so loud it crackles?

I think you would be way far ahead by making a cleaner recording—one you don’t have to spend forever patching and fixing.

The forum should let you post a sound sample. Either use your own words, or use the words in this post. 10 to 12 Seconds. Don’t do anything to it. Just export WAV and post it on the forum.


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Thank you so much, Koz. I’m so grateful for your generous insight on all of this.
I actually used your stellar advise from another discussion to do the clean-up I’ve done so far. Impressive results, except for the clipping.

The clip I’m referring to is when the first syllable is missing.

That said, I agree that it’s time to buy a proper microphone and re-record these to avoid all of this editing. If I’m still having issues after I re-record, I will circle back for your pro-tips.

With gratitude,

That means a noise-gate is being applied.
Windows “audio enhancements” are the usual perpetrator …

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YES - thank you, I did apply a noise gate effect. I’ll definitely check this out.

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