Audio dropouts in recording using VB Audio Cable to record Tidal streaming tracks from Rekordbox

I have recently encountered multiple Audio dropouts in my audacity recordings while trying to record dj sets from Pioneer Rekordbox software using VB (virtual) Audio Cable to record Tidal streaming tracks.

I am on windows 11 PC which is fully updated as is all of the above additional software programs & cable inputs.

Historically I have used the above process & applicable apparatus with zero issue on multiple (100’s) of occasions & have changed nothing nor added or taken anything away from the process itself.

The dropouts are random across the timeline but are fairly uniformed in duration.

When zoomed into the waveform its showing 0db for a duration of several milliseconds & represents a clear gap in the audio which presents as an audible crackle during playback.

I have tried changing latency & buffer settings in both Audacity & VB Cable & also sample rate in both as well as Rekordbox but nothing improves.

I have no other demands on CPU during recording as only Rekordbox & Audacity + Internet to stream from Tidal are running.

PC has 8gb Ram & 60gb of hard drive free running from Intel i5 10th Gen & usually has zero issues running multiple tracks & plugins inside Ableton so modus operandi on system are usually solid.

I’m not convinced that the problem sits in Audacity solely but at the same time I’m really struggling to nail down the source of why the dropouts are presenting.

I appreciate that there are many variables here in terms of narrowing down the crosshairs & focussing in on what’s causing it & it well may be multiple factors but I am at the end of my skillset in terms of accurate diagnosis so any advice would be super helpful.

Many thanks in advance.

Can you use Ableton instead of Audacity?

There is a FREE online book about optimizing your computer for audio called Glitch Free.

I don’t understand what you are doing with the DJ software at the same time but MAYBE it will help if you steal the Tidal tracks in advance.

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