Audio Distortion in Recordings for My Medical Billing Website

I operate a medical billing services website and have been encountering some unusual audio distortion issues while recording content. The audio quality significantly impacts our online tutorials. I’m using Audacity for recording. Has anyone come across this problem? Any tips or insights on improving audio quality for online content? Please feel free to ask for more details about my website if you think it could help. Your assistance is much appreciated.

Can you post some of what it sounds like? We’re flying blind without that. Isolate about ten seconds of speech and post it on the forum. That’s what the thick bar with vertical arrow does.

Is it only distorted when someone calls in, or is it distorted right out of Audacity?

I have three instances of a help system being so badly chopped up and distorted that I couldn’t understand what they wanted me to do. It was a data quality and internet problem, not the voice performance.


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