Audio delay on Macbook Pro

Hello, I am using a 2010 MBP and Audacity 2.0.5. I am having some frustrations with delay when monitoring audio. When monitoring, the playback is one second behind what I’m actually saying at the moment. I’ve looked up stuff online about this, such as adjusting some of the settings in preferences under the recording tab, but the problem persists. Am I doing something wrong? The audio quality in audacity is much better than Garageband’s in my opinion (less disgusting background noise!) but the inability to correctly hear myself speaking as I speak is driving me mad.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Yes. That’s correct. When I wrote the original overdubbing instructions, I picked three hardware devices that had their own monitoring to get around that.

For one example.

There are two latencies or delays. Recording delay, or matching up the original performance with the new one is controlled from inside the Audacity settings. There’s a whole section how to do that.

But the other one, hearing yourself, is machine delay and that one is fixed.


I cannot seem to find the overdubbing instructions you describe (the links you posted link to images rather than instructions). So you’re saying that for me to hear myself as I speak as I say it, I’ll need to purchase additional hardware?

Please see Why can’t I hear what I’m recording? and the links thereon.

Computers can’t push audio around in real time, and it’s many years since Apple allowed playthrough on Macs. So yes if you need listen to yourself in real time you’ll need a USB interface or USB mic that has a headphones jack for hardware monitoring. See: Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs - Audacity Manual .


Those are just illustrations of the concept. This is the instruction book entry.