Audio Data Block Files are reading as Orphan Block Files


I’m using Audacity version 2.1.1 installed from the .exe (error happened on version 2.0.5 and then I upgraded and the error still appeared). When I go to open a .aud project, an error comes up with Missing Audio Data Block Files (I’ve attached this as Error Message1, and Error Log1).
Then, if I continue (selecting ‘Treat missing audio as silence’) I get the error message ‘Orphan Block Files’ (attached as Error Message2 and Error Log2).
Also, the .aud project was last modified on 31/07/2015 (which is correct), but the _data folder was last modified on 08/07/2015 (although the d01, d02 and d03 folders inside it are last modified 24/07/2015 and d04 folder 08/07/2015).
Is there a way to recover any of the project? It is about 15 3 minute tracks.

This has happened on both the files I recorded on that day, and they were saved at different times.
Error Message2.png
Error Log2.txt (134 KB)
Error Message1.png
Error Log1.txt (76 KB)

Audacity uses AUP files, so if you are really opening AUD files you must be downloading Audacity from a bogus site. Audacity from us is available at

If you meant AUP, try searching your computer for some of the files listed as “missing” in the log. This may lead you to where all the missing ones are, then place them in the correct d0* subfolder indicated in the log. The fourth number (fifth character) in the name of the AU file indicates which d subfolder it belongs in. So for example you can tell by the file name “e0002835” that it belongs in the “d02” subfolder.

This may not necessarily be an Audacity bug. If you have Norton or some other security/file management tool it may delete your recordings before you save them as a project. You should add an exception to the tool so that it does not interfere or “tidy”/“clean up”/“rearrange” Audacity data. Saving as a project before recording (so that the data is never in a “temp” folder) may help.