Audio Cuts off when Importing Video Audio

I’m trying to extract the audio from a couple of videos (8 and 2 hours long respectively) but when I try to import it, a large majority is completely gone.

I go to open select the video, and the “importing ffmpeg…” box opens. But once that happens, it’ll import for 3 seconds (the progress bar only moves a tiny bit), the box will crash and disappear and I’ll only have ~5-10 minutes of the audio I want.

Here’s a video of what’s happening:

I’ve done this a few times before without any issue and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong now. Any help would be much appreciated, tyvm in advance.

My guess is that it’s hitting some bad data in the file and FFmpeg is just giving up.
You could perhaps try extracting the audio with another application (such as VLC) to see if that can do any better.

Failing that, if the file plays correctly in your media player, you could record the audio with Audacity while playing it on your computer (I’d recommend the WASAPI method described here: