share feature

It is great, that You have added share feature to Audacity. I have registered on It’ll be very great to share those works via this website here. This site is also very accessible for the blind users, like me.
I have a question. In Audacity share dialogue after linking account, there is only button for continue? It means, that I can only edit title, permanent link, description ETC in site? How is It? Please explain It to me, because I am blind and there is one unaccessible object.
Thank You.
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I’ve not used this new feature yet, but there’s some information about it in the Audacity help center:

Yes, It is, but It is written briefly, which is good at some point. It doesn’t matter, exept this unaccessible function. Due to this, I’ve asked It mainly to Audacity developers.

That is correct. When an account is linked, Audacity will only show you a link so you can quickly share it. If you need to rename or manage it, you have to do so on the website.

Thank You.
This is reply, which I wayted on. So, everything is OK. I was confused due to this unaccessible element. Everything is now right.