Audio Clips Misaligned

Hi, I recently recorded multiple clips through Audacity but after exporting the entire project to WAV, I noticed some places were cut off. I checked the project and saw the cut-off points for every clip were misaligned. For example, the starting point of Audio 1 #3 should be where I put the selection, yet it had been shifted to a time before that and I lost the audio that was supposed to be in the gap.

What could have caused this? The only things I did after recording the clips were adjust the gain and apply compressor. However, I did this for my previous projects and never encountered this issue. I don’t think I did anything different this time so I’m really confused as to why this had happened.

Audacity Version 3.4.2
Operating System: Windows 10

It’s possible the audio is still there, just hidden by the “smart clip” feature …

Thanks for the reply! However, I think the audio is really gone. I tried dragging the start and end of the clips and there didn’t seem to be any hidden audio. I could be doing it wrong, I’m just starting to use Audacity. Also, the misalignment issue is still a mystery, I have no idea what would cause the whole thing to shift like that.

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