Audio Channel Manipulation

Can This be done.? I just purchased a couple 4.0 Sacd that was converted to flac then i tried to convert to 5.1, i was successful and i have all 6 channels but the channel for the center speaker is dead. Is it possible to duplicate to make it sound easy to cut and paste one of the other channels to insert into that dead channel so this way i could have the effect of 5.1 but with the 4.0 mix.

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Yes Audacity has an Edit > Duplicate command. The duplicate goes to the bottom of the project.

The exact allocation of the tracks to each channel may vary according to the format you are exporting to or even according to the player or soundcard you are using. You can drag Audacity tracks up and down into the correct order by dragging where it says mono or stereo and “Hz”, or there are commands to move tracks up or down when you click in the name of the track.

Before you export in your desired audio format, do Edit > Preferences… then go to the “Import / Export” section and choose the “Use custom mix” option.


You’ve got 4 channels. That’s all. The fifth channel will usually be derived from these four and that will feed the subwoofer.

The voice (center) channel should be empty, unless there really is a narrator or an announcer present in the recording.

Or is there something I don’t understand?

The center channel is almost always dialog to avoid giving the audience whiplash trying to follow the actors.

Actually I thought this was a music SACD, not a movie?