audio bus

It would be great if Audacity would have an audio bus.
Then several tracks can route the signal to the specific audio bus, and the signal from the audio bus can be routed to the master bus.
Do you have any plan to implement the audio busses?


There are currently no plans to implement audio busses. While audio busses are extremely useful features of “real-time DAW” applications, they are not really very useful for “wysiwyg” audio editors (like Audacity). The beauty of audio busses in a DAW is that you can pre-mix specific channels and route them through an effect chain, but Audacity does not have real-time effect chains. In Audacity, effects are applied directly and immediately to the selected audio. What you can do in Audacity, is to select multiple tracks and apply an effect simultaneously to the selected tracks.

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Thank you for your kind answer and useful tips.

Nice explanation.
The most beautiful thing in Audacity is simplicity.

But I hope you add effect chains for every track like other simple DAWs (e.g. Reaper, Acon Digital Acoustica, Adobe Audition) which is just can done by text files to save effects list.

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5 years on from my previous reply… Audacity now has real-time effects.
See: Using realtime effects - Audacity Support

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It is great! I love using it!
Do you have any plans to implement an audio bus feature?