Audio "booming"?

Hi, most comments I get on the audio for my online course are positive after applying the steps in

However, I have had a couple negative comments, including one that it was distracting because it sounds like it is “booming”. I don’t think my ears are sensitive enough to validate or reject this comment. So I’d appreciate any feedback on the attached excerpt.

Does it sound like it “booms”, or has other undesirable characteristics? If so, is there a filter I can apply to make it more pleasant?

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The frequency range 80 to 200 Hz could come down a little.

There is a some audible reverb from the room, which bassy.
So cutting the bass will reduce that “boomy” reverb …

De-Boomy.xml (388 Bytes)

Voxengo have a free real-time spectrogram plugin which works in Audacity,
where you can see the levels of each frequency, (even if you can’t hear them).

Voxengo SPAN demo.gif

Thanks, that helps a lot. You had previously suggested adding some presence. I don’t think I added enough. Would you suggest adding more, and if so how much?

Is there anything else you think it needs?

This equalization curve incorporates de-boomy, mid-boost & boost-presence …

DB+BM+BP.XML (53.4 KB)
Increasing presence will inevitably increase sibilance , so you may have to de-ess* afterwards.

[ * My de-ess suggestion would be one application of TB Sibalance at 100%, 00ms, -10bB ]

Thanks much.