Audio Books

I haven’t started to copy my audio books, however, I keep reading that I need audio CD’s to copy to.

I purchase a pack of CD’s that does not specify “for audio”. Are these sufficient for copying my audio tapes to CD’s. My audio books are on cassette tapes and my only source of playing them is a Walkman type player. I intend to connect through the earphone connection.


You don’t have to copy your audio books to CD when their origin is an audio tape unless you want to use them in a (portable) CD player.
If you want to create Audio CD’s, most CD-Rs will go.
But you could end up with a lot of CDs (similar to the quantity of your tapes).
Another way is to burn the tracks as MP3s, where a single book can be packed on one CD.
It depends with what device you’re going to listen to them, if you keep the Audacity Project files and if the mp3 quality will be acceptable for you.


I am new to Audacity. I understand what you are saying. I don’t own an mp3 player. My intent is to listen to the CD’s in my car while traveling. I felt CD’s were easier to handle than tapes. I don’t think the car has an mp3 player.

Does Audacity have the ability to do mp3 burning? It wasn’t evident when I opened up Audacity.


It is perfectly fine if you want to enjoy your audio books in your car.
Audacity doesn’t “burn” any CDs, you’ll need an extra program for this task (one is most likely preinstalled on your computer).
Audacity does the recording, editing and exporting in the appropriate format.
There are several tutorials available which help you stepwise through the process.
Besides, newer CD player can also play mp3 files. Maybe you can test this some day. However, the quality of Audio CDs is better and their usage more versatile/compatible with other (older) devices. As mentioned above, your purchased CD-Rs should work fine for the normal CD format.

There is a series of tutorials here: