Audio balance issue

Hi there,

Since I have installed Audacity v 2.3.0 I have an audio balance issue with my computer (ran with Windows 10 64 bit).

First time I ran Audacity I was looking a streaming on Twitch. As soon as I ran Audacity the sound output reduced by half (was set on 50, went down to 25). I left Audacity, and ran it again, this time I had no sound. I had to unplugged my headphone, speakers were working fine.

I restarted my system, sound reappeared on my headphone but the balance was not setup properly : 20 for left ear, 6 for right ear. I am able to setup the balance manually from the control pannel.

However, I have to do it each time I restart my computer.

I have uninstalled Audacity to check if the problem could be solved. But no, problem is still here. I have re-installed Audacity but yet, problem is not fixed.

I have contacted the support of Windows and Razer, none was able to provide me some help.

Have you face such a problem before ?

Thank you

Apparently Windows 10 has an “audio troubleshooter” feature …
https ://

( I’ve never used it myself though)


Thank you for your answer but the problem was not fixed by this feature.

Might you have other ideas ?


Have you tried the same headphones with the same computer and a different program (such as Windows Media Player)?

Yes I tried and headphones work fine on other computer, balance is ok

What about on the same computer with a different program (such as Windows Media Player)?

It’s the same for all programs since the balance is unbalanced for all programs in windows setting.

I have to go to the advanced parameters of my headphones (in windows settings) to set it right.