Audicity won't recognize lame_enc.dll

Hey e’budy.
Try as I may I cannot get Audacity to locate “lame_enc.dll” when exporting mp3.
My system is old ie; XPpro but it still works well. I can go to program files and open the audacity file and locate “lame_enc.dll” in the file but when I try to convert a wav file to mp3
it refuses to convert and shows a window which reads “could not open MP3 encoding library”.
What am I missing?


And now you’re using?
Audacity version 2.0.5?
You installed Lame carefully following these instructions?

I think I found the problem.
I had an older version 1.3.5? and uninstalled it then installed 2.0 opened the file in program files which then had a folder with lame dl, copied and pasted that to the main file and that seems to solve the issue.
Thanks much!