Audible ACX 'hiss' while computer file is clean

I’ve been rechecking older audio files on ACX to make certain there’s no audible ‘hiss’ as a few of those files had it at the chapter beginnings (forgot to cut the first time around) re-loading the newer cleaned versions for my author - free of hiss.

Yet during the ACX platform listen, a slight ‘hissing’ is still there, and no tech support available now to help. Just a wasted stupid ticket, or a lame foreign support who can’t get through to them either. My author claims he doesn’t hear any such hissing on his end. But I’m puzzled as to why or where it’s coming from on ACX. Anyone experience this? As it gives false output, and queries on Google have been unsuccessful
(wished I could share a few file samples)

Is the file name exactly the same? Rename it if it is the same, and try again.

Yes, the file names are exact. And I always moved the older/corrected files to my external drive, so they don’t get confused with the newer ones for uploading. But that’s not the issue here I addressed (sorry if I was muddied or unclear)

Others uploading to ACX have reported these issues with the audible ‘hiss’ in the background of their otherwise clean audio chapter files, I’ve also been experiencing. And ACX underwent various ‘changes’ including the removal of timestamps, and no Tech support contact - just their 800 call-in line etc. Which I’ve reached out to several times, with no results.
The ‘hiss’ is still there in some of the audio files - I’ve tried to upload here a few times, with no luck.

Any website anyone can share, for sharing audio files for review?

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