audi and voice

I Have Audacity 2.0.5 installed in LInux-Kubuntu. I Want to make Announcement System for Buses. For that i need to play a song with speaker in evey time but when i given a voice from Mic that time same speaker disable the Song and Make Voice output. After the announcement make song play Continuously. I New to Audacity. So Please Help me…

Announcement System for Buses.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. You can record your voice or music in Audacity and then, after you’re done, do cutting, filters, effects or other changes, all later.

Many people want us to apply effects or changes to their voice as they talk. We can’t do that, either.


Oh… Thanks a Lot Sir… Apart from audacity you know any other applications to Resolve my Real time task…

I don’t. We can wait for one of the other elves to see if they have any ideas. I personally would be doing most of it in hardware.

The operator would have a push-to-talk microphone and the act of pushing turns her microphone on and mutes or reduces the volume of the background music.

Some of the classic ones have a coil-cord like this one.

So the entire microphone, amplifier, switching and speaker amplifier is in hardware. Only the music player can be in software. Change the music by walking up with a thumb drive.

If nobody here comes up with anything, Google tourbus PA system.


I suspect OP means “Music with Voice-over” - so I ( Cheeky!) put that into the SUBJECT…

On quick reading*, he needs a cheap Mixer!
- but surely if he’s “professional-enough” the be asked to do this Transport work ( It’s not clear, is he the Driver…or…a TourGuide, perhaps? ). . . . then I’d expect hime to have sufficient “Experience” to know how Audio systems work - even if it isn’t something he’s USED before.

The alternative, which resolves the need for a mechanical Mixer would be a device that supresses the Music either when the mic is lifted from its cradle ( a simple crackly switch might even alert the Passengers to listen for an Announcement !) . . . . or BETTER = an electronic “switch” using a Light-Dependent-Resistor . . . a fairly simple circuit for a student to construct - at least to show if there are snags with this arrangement.
( An “Advanced” MkII curcuit would attenuate the microphone input brieflyly so the “Hello Customers” would be quieter to avoid risking upsetting the tourists by suddenly breaking their enjoyment of whatever City/Mountains/Lakes/Wildlife they are passing.

    • Or have I completely missunderstood what OP is requesing?
      It appeaded that he might be hoping Audacity would perform this task - I can’t see that would work . . and in a “Transport” environment any electronic gear is subject to interference, battery-loss, etc. so a simple system is probably better at least until the “Operational” snags are discovered - and discussed with the Passengers.
      That’s my tuppence - worth . . . . Good Luck.

I should have made a reference to the Audio-Ducking feature in Audacity -

However, OP wanted to change the Mic+Music arrangement on a Bus-transport.

Therefore, he needs an Electronic solution; is my understanding.

Which brings us back around to: “Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time.”