fake website?

I don’t know where to post this, but yeah I probably might have downloaded a virus on accident, the website I downloaded it off was called “”, it looked like the official website but with some glaring issues. Logo isn’t centered and the homepage is the only page that seems to be available

Downloading it gives you a file that looks like the official installer, minus the logo.

I wasn’t paying any attention but I had thought the downloader might have been corrupted, but I don’t think it should give you a blank blue box that constantly pops up unless you end the task? ( Only by then had I realised that the website was fake and I potentially might have installed a virus. I was pretty tired when I first searched it up so I messed up on my end, anything I should do? Windows being a dick right now since it forbids me to do a scan on Defender, here is a VirusTotal scan I did

Images of the website and installer: (don’t really know how to post images in here, sorry)

Thanks for the report. Yes that’s a fake site. I’ll report it to the Audacity team so that they can take appropriate action.

The genuine Audacity website is: