Audacity's way of drawing audio signals

I’m trying to find out how Audacity achieved the great performance for drawing the audio signals.
The ways to draw an audio signal I tried haven’t been as fast as audacity, so I’m very interested to find out how the drawing techniques in audacity are working. Of course I know, audacity is opensource but I haven’t been lucky yet and didn’t find the drawing mechanism. Does anyone could give me further information about that?

PS: If this is the wrong forum for such a question I’m very sorry

It’s quite complex and involves caching “summary” data in RAM.
src/TrackArtist.cpp is a good place to start looking.

Thanks, for the answer, I’ll look into it!

I’m glad to hear, that there are better and faster ways to draw the signal. I just thought I was doing something wrong, because my performance is quite a bit behind audacity and gets really worse after I draw more than one signal at once :confused:

If I have any questions according the source code, is this the right place to ask for help understanding it ?

It’s rare for Audacity developers to visit the forum, but we will try to help as far as we can.