Audacity wouldn't recognize the new plugins folder.

Hello! I really need help with this, you see, my hard drive died just a few days ago and I decided to move Audacity to a new folder on a functional drive, however: Audacity defaulted to English and most of the plugins (specifically plugins in the Plug-Ins folder) had dissappeared, when I tried to turn them on, they were seemingly on the F: (the one that died) folder.

I deleted all files related to it and installed a new version, HOWEVER, Audacity would STILL link the plugins that are IN FACT gone. I’ve done this again and it still wouldn’t work. Note that I have the Plug-Ins folder on the E: drive now, the whole audacity folder on the F: drive is gone.

I’d suggest that you completely remove Audacity from your system, ensuring that you retain backup copies of any custom plug-ins that you want to keep.

Then clear out the old Audacity configuration files that are in the hidden folder:
C:\Users**\Application Data\audacity**
(The drive letter is normally C: unless you have changed it)
Remove the entire “audacity” folder.

Then install Audacity 2.4.1 to the location that you want.

Personally I would highly recommend installing Audacity to the default location on the C: drive, but it’s your choice.