Audacity Won't Save or Export

I am using Windows 10 and version 3.0.2. (I wasn’t aware there was an update a few days ago.)
I use an AT2020 Microphone and a Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen Interface.

So on to my problem. I just had a recording session for my demo reel, and when I tried to go to export the audio to send away, it won’t export. What I mean by that is I click ‘export’ and nothing happens. No window opens or anything. So I tried to save it as a project. And again nothing happens. I would appreciate any help I can get as I do not want to lose this audio.

Given the differences between Macs and Windows, you click on File > Export or File > Save Project and you don’t get either of these?

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 4.38.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 4.39.16 PM.png
Or you get these and they just don’t click any further?


I get those windows, but when I click, say, “Export as MP3” nothing happens.

Are you working from Network Drives at home or Cloud Drives? That’s not the best idea. Audacity doesn’t get along very well with drives that aren’t in your computer.

How long is the show and how much storage area do you have?

You never get as far as setting a file-name, right? Bad filenames can cause problems like this.


I think Export As and Save As are the first times Audacity has to reach out and touch the destination drive. If it can’t find one, I think you get what you have.

Google Cloud, right?


That’s weird, it appears my previous reply didn’t post? I am not using and cloud services, I use my computer drives. The audio is only about six minutes long and I have nearly 700 GB left in the drive.

A forum elf has to read your post before it becomes visible. That’s to stop you from trying to sell us kitchen cabinets, well drilling services, or grown-up entertainment. Do not double post. Forum elves cover 9 time zones so it might take that long for a message to prompt a reply.

The audio is only about six minutes long

And it’s never done this before…???

I can’t figure out how to save the work if both Export and Save fail. If you play the sound, that does work, right? Ummmm. I think we’re going to wait for a senior elf. I have no idea what’s doing that or how to work around it.

Do Not close Audacity or close the show. There are some internet explainers that want you to do that. Resist them.


Oh, wait. There’s a dog-eared, yellowed note from a thousand years ago. Did you press STOP after you finished your performance? Audacity locks out a lot of services if you only Pause the playback.


Don’t worry I won’t close it any time soon. And yeah I did press stop. :frowning:

Open up NotePad or TextEdit, type three words and see if the machine will allow you to save it.


Audacity has been working OK, right? You didn’t answer that from earlier. It’s not unusual for New Users to compose forum questions like they’ve been cranking out audiobooks for years, when in fact, this is their first one and they just got their microphone out of the bubble wrap.

Describe the performance. You’re announcing a script or singing the vocal part of a song?

If the process is warm trash and you have to perform it again, that could be done, right—given we figure out why this one failed. You should wear your Producer hat and start sorting what you would do if the recording doesn’t come back. That’s The Producer’s job. That’s one of the three hats you’re wearing.

The desperation method is play the performance and record it on your phone. I produced a reasonable recording of my voice on my desk just like this. The microphones are on the bottom of an iPhone, so aim them to the speakers. Leave the phone flat on the desk and try to get rid of as much room noise as possible.



You’re doing all this in English, right? There were some language problems with one version of Audacity.


Just tested and it will indeed let me save notepad files.

And yes I am doing this in English.

Is this still happening if you turn off your antivirus or security software for a few minutes?

Yes unfortunately it is.

To answer this yes. It has been working fine the last several times I’ve used it. No, this isn’t my first time using Audacity. I’ve used it to record 4 audiobooks before. I’m reading from a script. I wanted a new demo produced so I was on call with a producer while recording and he was directing me. Yes, essentially I could re-record this stuff but I’d really prefer not to. If worst comes to worst and we can’t solve this, I will try to use OBS to record it and then just reinstall audacity.

There was a poster in a similar situation a while back. We recommended crashing Audacity intentionally and see if Auto Disaster Recovery could pull this out.

It turned out well.


Alright, if this doesn’t work I’m just gonna give up on it and call it a one time glitch and just use OBS or re-record it.

Those are the only two we came up with—including a senior elf. Record the performance through speakers and microphone and use Audacity’s digital lifeboats.