Audacity won't record

Hello, I have the current version of Audacity, and just reinstalled it. I have Windows 10. The settings are MME and Realtek, and when I hit the red record button, for audio on the laptop, the upper bar moves but no sound records on it. Also, it will not recognize my USB cassette capture device. Any suggestions? Thanks.

If your settings are MME and Microphone (Reaktek) and Stereo and Speaker/Headphone (Realtek), then when you hit the red record button, you should be recording from the laptop’s microphone and if you yell, then your voice waveforms should become visible.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to allow microphone permissions. See:’s%20how%3A,this%20device%20is%20turned%20on.

To record from your USB Cassette Capture device, turn the device on, then do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then select the device from the microphone drop-down selector in Audacity, and record.