Audacity won't record the music playing in my earphones

HI everyone, I have the following problem: Audacity only records the music that’s playing out loud on my PC, but not when I use the earphones. Is there a way to get Audacity to “hear” what I hear in my earphones? I want to record some music from PC, but I don’t want to bother my neighbours with it playing out loud.

Thank you!

That would depend on the Audio drivers for the earphones. On my laptop I currently have one (built-in) output device which is my speakers/headphones. When the headphones are plugged in the speakers disconnect. On this same machine with various driver updates, I have also had my speakers and headphones as totally separate devices which could be turned on and off separately.

Check for the latest Windows updates. Perhaps they will correct your problem. You could also try searching for other drivers for your specific machine.

In Audacity on my machine, I do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, then I specify Windows WASAPI and record from my Speaker/Headphone (loopback) device. In Audacity, you can do Help > DIagnostics > Audio Device Info to get a complete list of all available audio devices for each of MME, DirectSound, and WASAPI.

Sometimes a device will be hidden or disabled (e.g, StereoMix). You can run mmsys.cpl > Recording, then right-click anywhere in the box to show Disabled or Disconnected Devices.