Audacity Won't Record Shure MV7 MC

Audacity is recognizing my Shure MV7 Mic- I can select it as my recording and playback device (onboard headphones) but it picks up no sounds. I have installed the shure’s desktop app and everything seems fine- i can hear other apps through the onboard headphone jack-, but there is just zero pickup of sound in audacity

Possibly Windows Microphone Privacy restrictions. Turn on app permissions for your microphone in Windows 10 - Microsoft Support.

Also, make sure you are not trying to record from the “(loopback)” device in WASAPI.

thanks for responding; i checked the privacy settings but no dice. I don’t know what the WASAPI loopback is

Most people don’t, but they have one listed in their Help > Diagnostics > Audio Device Info. It may be listed as a Recording Device. (Did you set the Shure as a Recording Device under Audio Setup?) It reflects any output back in so it can be recorded. You may see what first looks like two identical devices. But one says (loopback) at the end. If you have one, it will be visible under Help > DIagnostics > Audio Device Info.

Also, you may need to do Transport Rescan if you unplug the microphone after you startup Audacity

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