Audacity Won't Record on my iMac

Hello Audacity users,

I don’t know what I did but all of a sudden Audacity will not record on my iMac. It used to, and now it won’t.

iMac 10.14.6
Audacity 2.3.3

I’m receiving a signal in System Preferences > Sound
Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 11.29.33 AM.png
The input on Audacity is set to my audio adapter. GarageBand is receiving a signal and is able to record but I prefer to use Audacity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 11.36.37 AM.jpg

I have the sane problem. Could you solve this problem?

The Mac version appears to be broken for recording at the moment.

I’ve tried version 2.3.3 on two Macs running Mac OS 10.15.4, one with a USB mic and another with the built-in laptop mic. Other apps see and record the microphone signals, but Audacity doesn’t. The mics are shown and selectable in Audacity’s Input collection, but the meters don’t show any signal.

I checked the Security & Privacy settings for the microphone input, and Audacity is not shown as ever requesting mic access.

For Mojave, see this post:

For Catalina, see this post:

The Catalina problem has been resolved in the development version of Audacity, which is due to be released next month all being well.