Audacity won't record guitar thru mic

FNG here using Audacity for first time. Have read instructions and looked thru FAQs & help forum and can’t figure this out.

I can speak into my USB mic or laptop built-in mic and Audacity records it. When I play acoustic guitar into either mic, no sound is recorded. When I play guitar and sing at the same time into either mic, only the vocals are recorded. I also tried playing music from my phone speaker into the mic and nothing was recorded. Help!

Try disabling Windows “Enhancements”. These settings can mess-up the sound as Windows tries to minimize noise pick-up and even-out the recording volume.

Audacity doesn’t alter the signal during recording but sometimes Windows does.

That’s kind-of impossible since the sound waves are mixed together in the air… :wink:

Many thanks - that was it! Did not even know there was such a setting.

As far as mixing in the air, that is true but nonetheless only the vocals were recorded. Maybe the “enhancements” filter out the higher frequencies of the guitar? I don’t know but you fixed it. Thank you!

It recognizes and filters out sustained tones such as musical notes—and hum and buzz. It stops working if you have complex, multi-tone songs.

Thanks for the explanation!

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