Audacity Won't Record At All (SOLVED)

A new Windows 7, just updated to v 2.0.5. Trying to record audio streams online. Was on XP before and I could record any stream any time, but on this new PC, can’t figure this out.

I started with 2.0.4, the WDM-KS was included but would not at all move off of 0.0 upon hitting record. Only the microphone option would record.

Now, in 2.0.5, WDM-KS isn’t even there. I have no way of recording what is playing on my computer (other than the microphone option which is not a good option for me).

My options for recording appear to be: MME, Win Direct Sound, and Wasapi. I don’t know anything about these.

Here’s a screenshot of my sound card page:

Can someone please guide me? I’m obviously not even ready for the remedial class! :slight_smile:

Rt. Clicked on my sound icon, here’s what’s in my recording tab:

FAQ helped. Issue resolved. You guys are great! :smiley: