Audacity wont recognize usb or bt mixer

Audacity notes the board us there but won’t connect bluetooth or usb. It keeps recording through pc mic no matter what I do.

Im trying to connect a vidpro mx42

Does it show-up as a [u]Recording Device[/u]?

If not, right-click the Windows Speaker/Volume icon, select Open Sound Settings, and check if Windows is finding it as in Input Device, and make sure it’s enabled.

I suspect you may end up being unsuccessful connecting this device directly to your PC. It would help if I could find some kind of specs online. But when I do an online search, there is precious little information about this mixer. I note that Amazon does not promote it has having USB capabilities. There is one note saying “It is a USB input which will allow playing audio off a USB drive etc.”, so I suspect you can put in a USB memory stick with an MP3 file that it will somehow play. I guess that is what those fast forward, reverse, pause, and play buttons are for.

Another review says, “Does not work well with computer or sound or set up watched and reviews of videos and set up still not working properly considering returning it”

But, another review says, “Works great! Really nice little mixer. And the company’s customer service is outstanding.” I would take them up on this challenge and contact their customer service and see if it is as great as advertised, as I cannot find any evidence that anyone on the internet has ever been able to hook it up to a PC via USB or bluetooth. :wink:

Having said that, we have not yet ruled out bluetooth. But, I suggest that you do not even travel down that route. The only posts I have seen on bluetooth on this forum refer to bluetooth headphones and they are prone to clicking, static, choppiness, and timing issues. I haven’t seen anyone even think about using a bluetooth microphone with Audacity, but there is a first time for everything. :open_mouth:

OK, so that brings us back to our old standby: the Behringer UCA202. They have been a little pricey lately, Amazon has them for about $46 but there is one on Sweetwater in their January Clearance Sale for $19. You are also going to want two pairs of cables. I would look at Hosa CPR-201 Stereo Interconnect Cable - Dual 1/4-inch TS Male to Dual RCA Male, AND Hosa CRA-201 Stereo Interconnect Dual RCA Cable, AND Hosa GPR-101 RCA Female to 1/4" TS Male Adapters (2-pack).

I hope this helps. :smiley: