Audacity wont recognise -external decks


Would someone help me please?
Audacity wont recognize my external decks. It recognizes music and works when recording windows media player built in to my laptop.
It shows my desks during set up when going through audio set up. I have plugged in my device to my laptop and ensure its recognized before loading audacity. I have ensured the microphone is set to enable and open in terms of allowing other apps to use it, the driver is also up to date.
I am missing something, it was working fine to record my sets, unfortunately its stopped.

Many thanks in anticipation

What kind of “deck” and how is it connected?

Listen To This Device should work without Audacity (or any other application). That will let you know if Windows is getting the signal.

hi, thanks for taking time to reply. when i say deck i mean DJ decks, sorry typo. I’ve run the MIC test and the mics working fine. I’ve just tried audacity again and its still not working with my decks.


I know the link talks about the microphone but the idea is to select the deck to see if Windows is getting sound from it. :wink:

And how are they connected to the computer? Do they have USB or is it an analog connection?

…I’ve heard of one DJ controller that requires ASIO drivers (for USB) and won’t work with Audacity. But most “basic” USB audio devices are “class compliant” and they are plug-and-play with the drivers built-into your operating system.

The microphone input on a laptop is “wrong” and may work poorly or not at all. So if you have an analog connection, tell us about your setup and your computer.

windows is getting sound from my decks as i use them most days through my laptop.
im connected by usb c, only link available with my decks. im using a dynabook laptop, ive checked the sound drivers, all are up to date. It has worked before, ive recorded about 8 times.


so its recording now from my laptop , but its still showing an error message when i plug in the line for my decks. The error code is ‘recording device is 9997 invalid sample rate’. Error opening sound device

This error indicates a problem with the hardware used for playback, whether it is permissions, drivers, connections, or if you ask the device to do something it cannot do. You can attempt the following steps to resolve it.
Any help will be appreciated.

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