audacity won't play in sonar X1

version 2.0.3
Windows 7 x64

I can’t get Audacity to play the pink noise wave so I can record it into Sonar X1. When I click on the play in audacity, “unanticipated host error” keeps coming up and then “Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate” comes up. When I close the Sonar program, it plays just fine. I did what audacity asked. It occurs only when I am in Sonar and trying to record into sonar. The sample rates match (44.1 Khz) and the output device settings are set to match my Zoom R16 Audio Interface. Any idea what is going on?


Audacity is a really simple audio program and likes running on simple computers. It does not, as a rule, like co-existing with other audio programs – particularly at the same time. Both programs try to grab the services and devices at the same time and that’s not a good recipe for production.


By default Sonar will use ASIO drivers to connect to the sound card. ASIO drivers will grab exclusive control of the sound card, and when that happens Audacity will not be able to access the sound card, hence “Error while opening sound device”.

Why don’t you simply export the pink noise from Audacity as a WAV file, then import the WAV file into Sonar?