Audacity wont open AUP file

Hello i have been trying to open an AUP file for a while now and it won’t open no matter what I do or found any solution online. I have not moved the files and I am getting a prompt to use the open file command but that’s what I have been doing the whole time. all my other files work and everything else i working fine.

attached is a screen shot of the command it is giving me

Thank you for your help


I suspect that the AUP file may be corrupt. If you could attach the AUP file to your reply we can take a look and check. See here for how to attach a file to your forum post:

dear friend, i have the same problem, have you found the solution? this command is also appear when i tried to open one of my (unfortunately the most important) project. please help :frowning:

An Audacity Project Manager, AUP file, is a text file and will open in a text editor. Open yours in your editor (don’t save anything) and see if it’s healthy.

I expect it to look something like this. This is a cleaned up version of a real project.

If it’s blank, or contains nothing but lines of NUL NUL NUL…, then you have a damaged project. Let us know which way it goes, and what kind of project it was. If it was a raw, first-pass, mono performance, there might be a way to rescue it.


If the error message says “Error Importing” then you are trying to import the file using File > Import > Audio.

Try File > Open instead.

– Bill

I’ve been informed that the error message you received (“Error Importing”) can also occur when opening a damaged Audacity project (AUP) file. Take a look inside the AUP file as Koz suggests.

– Bill