Audacity with VoiceOver (screen reader)

I am blind and have been using Audacity with Windows-based screen readers since early in the 1.3 beta phase and have enjoyed very good access. While having limited access to a Mac two or more years ago, I wished Audacity was more accessible with the in-built VoiceOver screen reader. As providence would have it, within a week or so of gaining ongoing access to a Mac, Audacity V2.01 was released with VoiceOver access. On reading the announcement, I embarrassed myself in the office with a shout of excitement. It is so good to be able to use the same tool on both platforms, including projects in progress.

By way of a very small correction, in the pane for selecting a portion of audio, VoiceOver announces the “End” radio button as “Selection start”. The “Length” radio button is announced correctly. A sighted colleague confirmed that, visually, all appears correct.


Thanks, Andrew.

I think the “Selection End” and “Selection Length” buttons are read correctly if you tab forwards from “Selection Start” or backwards from “Audio Position”. These are the issues I hear:

When you TAB forwards from Audio Position, the “Selection End” or “Selection Length” radio button is read as “Selection Start”.

When you use COMMAND + F6 or COMMAND + SHIFT + F6 to move directly into “Selection End” from another toolbar, the button is read as “Selection Start”.

Unfortunately Leland (who implemented the VoiceOver support in 2.0.1) is no longer on a Mac computer so I can’t guarantee these will be fixed any time soon.

These are the VoiceOver issues we now know about .