Audacity with Steinberg UR-22 MK2

Just bought a Steinberg UR-22 MK2 interface to record my two guitars and voice. Should i download the CUBASE recording software it comes with or would the Audacity be easier to use once i install the hardware drivers?

You should start out with the Steinberg Cubase software. If you find something you can’t do, then crank up Audacity.

Nobody said you can’t have both on your machine, although I would not run both at once. Audacity does not Play Well With Others and can confuse connections and priorities.


Well i finally managed to purchase and install Steiberg UR-22 MK2 and run it with Audacity 2.1.0 version on my PC which carries Windows 10 PRO as OS. The problem i have noticed are the following:

  1. If i leave the speakers connect to my PC and listen while recording the guitar, i can hear a short delay between the notes coming out of the speaker and not from the headphones. the headphones sound is okay. Simple and with no reverb added.

  2. After i record and starting playback i can hear some static like cracking sound coming out of the pc speakers if i max the volume. I have no speakers connected as monitors to the Steinberg UR-22 MK2 interface. Is this normal? My pc speakers are cheap they did not cost more than 10 dollars. Could this be the problem? Should i get something more profesional. It happens when recording both my Yamaha electroacoustic guitar and my Gibson ES335.

Any clues?

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