Audacity with a mixer

My PC does not have speakers per se. I use a Zoom L-12 mixer for both audio input and output. It is connected to the PC by USB. I am trying to find the proper combination of settings to allow me to record audio with audacity I have tried a plethora of combinations and none seem to work. At the moment I have :
Zoom as input audio
Zoom as output audio
Transport playthrough On/Off doesn’t seem to matter

In the Control panel sound settings all devices are disabled except the Zoom mixer.

Suggestions on what I should try next? I primarily want to record audio from Youtube.


It might be as simple as changing the [u]Privacy Settings[/u] for the USB device.

It looks like the Zoom is a multi-channel interface and Audacity seems to often have trouble with multitrack recording. You MIGHT only get channels 1 & 2 as left & right stereo… :frowning: [u]Audacity Multi-channel Recording[/u]

There also seem to be some USB settings on the Zoom that you may have to configure.

But it looks like you can directly record to the Zoom and transfer the files to the computer later. There are advantages to that, and once you have the multi-channel file (or multiple separate files) Audacity doesn’t have trouble mixing multitrack files (although it’s missing some useful features normally found in a full-DAW).

So I happen to have a Zoom H2n, I plug it in (USB) and select Audio I/F > Stereo Mix on my Zoom.

Then in Audacity, after doing Transport > Rescan, in Audio Setup, I set Host to WASAPI, and I have the option of recording from Microphone (H2n), or from Headphones (H2n) (loopback).

This (loopback) selection allows me to recording what is playing on my computer.

I had a problem recording audio from a mixer (which was connected to a piano keyboard).
What fixed the problem was opening Audacity in my computer FIRST and then connecting the mixer to my computer. If I had the USB connected to my computer first and then opened Audacity, it would record audio from the mixer/keyboard. Instead, it recorded audio from my laptop’s internal microphone.
This solution might work for you also. All the best.

Sorry, I made a grammatical error in the previous comment.
When I connected the USB mixer to the computer first and then opened Audacity, the audio DID NOT record.

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So appreciate this very simple (and very effective) solution to my problem. Works for me.