Hi! Good Day, this is my first post here.
My company’s corporate antivirus (Cisco endpoint security) reported Audacity x64 as a virus.
Checking the hash on virustotal, all major scanners seems to have reported it as clean, except for one unknown (chinese?) one.

Do you have any way of contacting / reporting this to Cisco as a false positive?

Event Type: Threat Detected
Computer: xxxxxxx
Hostname: xxxxxxx
User: xxx@xxx
Detection: W32.DF0C57F262-75.SBX.VIOC
File path: \\?\C:\Downloads\
Detection SHA-256: df0c57f262c160d768f36d4a942ee893479bfdbc52676fb49dc49b129fb808a3
By Application: explorer.exe
Application SHA-256: 1b49aa6038fac43ffa95cd3c39b25f2d72166dcdbc85bf0a17fec66d93fb6a05
Severity: Medium
Timestamp: 2022-02-09 07:48:25 +0000 UTC

We don’t, but as you are a Cisco customer you could contact their user support about it.