Audacity will not recognize sound card

System: Monterey
Audacity : 3.1.3
Sound card: Steinberg UR12

My computer sees the card but the minute I open Audacity, it just disappears and there is no way I can record without it. I have an important voice contract and it needs to work!
BTW if I use another recording software (Sound Studio), it sees the UR12 allright.

Thanks for any help

Have you used the interface with Audacity before? Does Audacity have permission to use the “microphone”? See this post.
– Bill

Thanks for your reply. Microphone is autorised.
The weird thing is that if I use a laptop with an earlier IOS, Audactity works fine. In fact it used to before I upgraded to IOS 12.5
Am I the only one with this issue ?
I also use a simpler software called Sound Studio which see my UR12 just fine. I also see the UR12 in my Mac prefs. But the minute I open Audacity, it disappear…

I mean the sound card UR12 disappears…

Sorry, I am at a loss. As a work around can you record in other software, export as WAV or AIF then import into Audacity to do the editing?
– Bill