Audacity Will Not Display FLAC

Every now and then I have this problem opening specific FLAC files in Audacity. Some files that I have play fine but when I try to open them in Audacity it just shows a flatline. If I convert them from FLAC>FLAC using other software the output file will open fine, Audacity will display the waveform as per normal. What really obvious thing am I missing here?

I’ve “heard of” problems with the wrong metadata format, such as ID3 tags in FLAC files. (FLAC uses Vorbis comments.)

There should be no problem converting FLAC-to-FLAC since FLAC is lossless (except for the extra step).

I’ve checked and it’s definitely not a problem with ID3 tags. I know I’m unlikely to lose anything converting FLAC to FLAC but it’s still bugging me!

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