Audacity Waveform Flat

All of a sudden my waveforms are flat at the top and bottom.
Equipment: PC, Windows 11 home. Microphone: AT-875R. Pre-Amp: Focusrite 2i2.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

It’s usually related to recording in mono with a 2-channel stereo interface. It’s cutting the signal in half so the other input can be mixed-in without going over 0dB.

In any case, if the LEDs on the Focusrite are showing red, you are clipping.

You can record lower and amplifier later (you probably want to adjust the volume later anyway) or you can record in stereo (you should be able to go higher digitally) and then kill the silent channel after recording.

Because you started recording in Mono instead of Stereo? See DVDDoug. I know of no easy way around this. You can pretend 50% is really 100% and record all your work that way and boost it later, or you can record in stereo. Split to two monos and delete the dead track later.

Note the 50% method is noisier than the stereo method because you are really recording the Left and Right smashed together. You get noise (fffff) from both channels. So that’s not the recommended way.


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