Audacity Voice Converter/Sound to Voice Converter

I’m new when it comes to having knowledge of audio, but I have come up with a new idea for Audacity. You already know that there are voice converter programs such as AV Voice Changer Diamond Edition 6.0 which allows you to convert your voice into any other person’s voice. Therefore, is it possible to have a voice converter plug-in for Audacity?

Now here is an interesting idea I came up with, though knowing all of the advanced audio software out there and all the Audacity plug-ins, I’m sure something like this already exists. Is it possible to convert sounds into voices? For example, if a guy were to say the words “Welcome to Audacity,” and you were to have a sound of electricity or lightning, could you convert this guy’s voice into the sound of electricity/lightning which would result in the guy speaking the words “Welcome to Audacity,” but those words would be in the form of electricity/lightning. In other words, you would hear a bunch of electricity/lightning, but it would all make out to be the sound of “Welcome to Audacity.” And you can specify how much influence the sound of electricity/lightning has on the actual voice. Meaning, that if it only has half influence on the voice, then you would hear one half being the guy speaking and the other half with the electricity/lightning mixed in. Also, another thing, is it possible to convert pieces of instrumental music into voices? For example, if you were to have that same guy again say “Welcome to Audacity” and you were to have a calm peaceful portion of instrumental music, then the guy would speak the words “Welcome to Audacity,” but he would actually be speaking those words in a way that matches the song. In other words, the guy would be “singing” the song as he speaks those words which would obviously be calm peaceful spoken words that match the music.

Finally, is it possible to replace beats in your music to any sound you want? For example, if the sound of the beat in your music is drums and you were to have a sound of a hardcore guy’s voice (such as a person who sings heavy metal) say the word “ah,” then instead of hearing a series of drums as the beat in your music, you would actually hear a series of “ah” in your music. In other words, the guy’s word “ah” has now replaced the beat of the drums in your music and now acts as the drums.

I keep myself from getting distracted by other thoughts or activities.

Have a play with the following plug-ins and effects:

Change speed (built in effect)
Change tempo (built in effect)
vocoder (nyquist plug-in)
Auto-duck (built in effect)
Pitch scaler (LADSPA plug-in)
Ring Modulator (LADSPA plug-in)

That lot should give you plenty of scope for creative voice mangling (or any other audio)