Audacity Version 3.0.3 PLUGIN error on 64 bits

I have read a few topics on this forum and seems version of 64 bits of Audacity has bugs when adding plugins. I just want to use ONE plugin, its the YOU WA SHOCK and I could not find a way to activate it. I have uninstalled and installed the program and the plugin several times, I have checked if the plugin is installed on the folder plugin of the program, and everytime I get the error where Audacity says the plugin can’t be activated because it can’t find the library.
Please can someone help me? I’m not particularly savy for this. Thanks so much

64-bit Audacity requires 64-bit plug-ins.

I assume this is a 3rd-party plug-in?

Unless you can find a 64-bit version of the plugin, you will have to revert back to 32-bit Audacity. To download 32-bit Audacity, go to this site: and download the Audacity 3.0.3 32 bit installer. Ignore or cancel the automatic download.

It is best to uninstall the 64-bit version prior to installing the 32-bit version.

YOU WA SHOCK is from ~2007, so definitely 32bit, and too old to run on modern computers.

Try KSHMR essentials Kick instead, (free, & available in 32 & 64 bit).

and/or Xfer OTT …