Audacity Version 2.3.1 Digital Input?

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Does Audacity (version 2.3.1) have the capacity to accept digital files?

At the moment the only device/method I have is an Asus PCIe Sound Card (Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit) with analog 1/8" Mini Stereo Analog Input. I’ve already successfully fed analog signal (from an older Mackie Analog mixer). That worked out fine …

But I’d like to transfer music files from a Tascam DA30 Dat Machine with coaxial spdif outputs (see the photo of rear connections).

Its been suggested I’ll need a USB Interface with spdif i/o (Like for example) a Zoom (or) Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 1st gen? But could I use the analog input on the current Asus card to feed a coaxial signal to it (without the need of conversion), or additional equipment? I’m thinking ‘Probably Not’

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As long as you have the hardware & drivers it should work just like any audio “input” or “recording” device.

(S/PDIF outputs are more common on computers than inputs.)

I agree that a digital transfer is preferable, but the line inputs on an interface like the Focusrite are usually very-good and you probably wouldn’t hear any difference with a (level-matched) digital transfer. Or, the line input on a regular soundcard is often adequate. (Microphone inputs on consumer soundcards are usually poor-quality and they don’t work properly with “pro” stage/studio mics.)

to accept digital files?

You’re not actually transferring a file (like copying an MP3 or WAV file) but you are capturing the digital data and if all goes well, the new file on your hard drive will contain the same exact audio data that’s on the tape, in a different “package”.

Hi DVD doug - Thanx for the reply …

“the line input on a regular soundcard is often adequate”

Yes thanks its the current ‘Line Input’ on the Asus PCIe sound card that seems to work fine … I’ll need to use the unbalanced analog outputs on the Dat Machine (see the photo) and ‘adapt’ the connection via Mini 1/8" Stereo.

I’ll also watch the EQ (Flat) on the board carefully as the original mixes on the Dat Tape have a ‘healthy punch’ since they were originally mixed on an analog ‘Mackie Board’ as well …

Its either that (or) pick up an interface - But if I do, can I still use Audacity (version 2.3.1)?

Thanks Again

Hello again all …

Zoom U-44

Thank you for all the info - I’d like to pick up a Zoom U-44 but need to clarify the connections: I can go from the Coaxial Output from the DA30 to the Coaxial Input on the Zoom U-44 - then to a USB Port on an older Dell Optiplex 790 Windows 7 - Will this work? If so, (other than Audacity), will Audacity (version 2.3.1) sense a Digital Signal? *Is there a selection/option for ‘Digital In’? Thank You …

“the line inputs on an interface like the Focusrite are usually very-good and you probably wouldn’t hear any difference with a (level-matched) digital transfer”.

Please forgive the late reply - I’d like to thank you for your help. Yes I used my current Asus Sound Card (Line In) from analog out of the restored DA30 and (as predicted), got very satisfactory results. The song and data material was of ‘average quality’ to begin with so it all worked out fine - thanks again for your speedy relevant replies …