Audacity vanishes after last windows update

Hi there guys,

First time here. Great software btw !

I’m just reporting the most strange thing with audacity, or any other software for the case, I have witnessed. I’m sure I had audacity installed because I updated to latest version like a couple of months ago. I was even working with a track last week. Today I was about to open an aup project and, to my surprise, it didn’t open, returning an error. After looking around, I realized the whole audacity install folder was deleted. The app was missing from installed software but it was still present in the start menu. Now, I do still drink my beers from time to time but this has nothing to do with it. I did not uninstalled audacity, that 's for sure. I can think of a couple of windows updates (I’m on build 19042.867 right now) as the culprit for all this but I’m not sure. Any of you guys has witnessed anything similar ?

Btw, I will install again but … what a bummer ! I leave you with a screenshot of the whole mess.


The only thing I can think of is that your anti-virus got a false positive and removed or moved & quarantined it.

Thanks for the report.

There have been a couple of other recent reports of weirdness after a Windows update. I don’t yet know what’s going on, but I’m hoping that either Microsoft will fix it promptly, or a pattern will emerge so that we can find a workaround.

Please keep us informed.

Thanks for the replies !

I use the ms built-in anti-virus. Checked history report and found nothing. I’m also using malwarebytes and found nothing in the log as well. Tried event viewer, searched for anything audacity related. Also scrolled some entries in the day of the update but there is no relevant info on any case.

I’m pretty sure this all happened after last windows update. I now installed IObit Uninstaller and I’m going to install audacity with it. Hopefully, it will give me some more info if it ever happens again. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if I find anything.


Just installed audacity using IObit Unistaller. I don’t know if it helps in any way but here’s their install log.
MonitorLog_Audacity 2.4.2.txt (140 KB)

I just experienced the same - Audacity was suddenly gone completely from my PC - currently running Win 10 Pro 2004 build 19041.928 . According to the updated log the last update was 03.05.2021 KB4023057 - and it seems this update has the authority to remove registry keys that may conflict with future updates and do several other adjustments and repairs behind the scenes. Did it really kill the entire Audacity installation? I remember using Audacity just two weeks ago and did certainly not uninstall it.
I just re-installed Audacity without problems - version 3.0.2 and this time around I see that Audacity pops up in the list of installed programs. My previous version never showed up in the app list but was still an executable .exe file that did start the programme OK. Is this part of the explanation - if Windows didn’t recognize the Audacity startup file as an installed program - was it more likely to be removed for some obscure security reason?
Anyhow - frustrating, but I hope it never happens again.