Audacity User Guide/Manual

A couple years ago I printed the entire Audacity manual…not sure if I had downloaded it as a PDF or printed it live. I am unable to find the link to do that again; I’ve tried a couple but all I get is a few pages and not the entire manual. Can someone point me in the right direction? Tnx much. 1/18. Curley

The current user manual is over 500 pages (many with color illustrations).
The full manual is available on-line here:
and it is also included in the recommended Audacity DMG download

Given that most occasions when you need the manual, you will have Audacity in front of you, it is generally easiest to just access the manual as needed from the Audacity Help menu.
Note also that many parts of the Audacity interface have “?” buttons, which link directly to the appropriate place in the manual.

If you want to print out a few pages (bedtime reading? ) then I’d suggest the 9 pages of the “Audacity Tour Guide”:

Thanks!!! I will probably print a few sections as needed. Tnx again. Problem Solved! 1/18