Audacity; Used to be able to use VST during Playback

Hello, first time poster on any forum; so please be understanding of that haha.

So I have been using Audacity for nearly 10 years now, huge supporter and I love the simplicity, as it allows me to get incredibly detailed on my mixes. Then in 2020, I struck gold. I discovered an EQ plugin, known as “EQ+ Wise” by “Abletunes”, and I was in love with how easy and intuitive it was. The best part, I was able to “preview” the track on the plugin, and then use the EQ plugin while it was playing back. Those who know this plugin know that it is incredibly complex, and has a very specific and interactive interface, with a lot of details. So it’s really impressive that Audacity let me use it during playback, and I was even able to mute, unmute, or solo tracks during playback, with the EQ plugin open!

Now this is where I’m very lost, ever since I finished that project I have switched from Windows 10, to Linux’s Ubuntu Studio, & now I’m unable to replicate that here. I thought “No big deal, I’ll use a virtual machine to run windows so I can edit on there” and I set one up and installed Audacity again on Windows 10. Went through the whole ordeal and got it finalized, and every plugin got downloaded and set up with no issue. But now, 3 years later I’m unable to hit preview and edit the EQ while the track is going.

I’m very curious what I did wrong, until I looked it up and realized nobody else was able to replicate this, (From what it looks like from searching how to do this again/fix my inconvenience). Does anyone else out there know what I accidentally did to make that preview work? Was it a feature that was removed in future releases of Audacity? Could it be as simple as a combination of drivers that we could all use to enhance our experiment? Mandela effect!?!?

Please let me know what you think, I’d love to discover how we could all recreate this and it would be very beneficial and incredibly time-saving. I think we’re closer than we know to the perfect audacity! :heart_eyes:

Try using Real Time Effect clicking Effects button on the left side of the Track Control Panel

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