Audacity under macOS Catalina with microphone permission workaround


This is based on
Thanks picpak!

My script runs in background (no signs of it in Dock).

  1. Open Script Editor (from Applications or Launchpad > Other).
    Create a new document, and paste the following:
do shell script "/Applications/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &"

If Your original “” is in “Applications” if no - You must put correct patch.

Click “Save”, and save as an Application. Call it “” (in my case) or whatever You want, and save it in your “Applications” folder (Or wherever You want :wink: ).

  1. (If You want original “Audacity” icon in Your “” script)

Go to Applications > “”, right click it and choose “Show Package Contents”. Go to Contents > Resources and find Audacity.icns.

Open a new Finder window and go to “”. Right click and choose Get Info. Drag Audacity.icns onto the default app icon, and close the window. Drag “” into your dock.

If You run “AudacityL” and first time use record from microphone Mac ask You about permission :smiley:

Hope this helps !
P.S. Sorry if there are some errors in my English (its not my first language).