Audacity UI is in two languages

Hey, I’m using Audacity and I’m having a weird issue. My Audacity display language is set to English. My Windows account language is also set to English. The default system language is Polish though.

Now, the problem with Audacity is that some of the options are in English, while others are in Polish language. I would like the entire interface to be in English language. The thing is, no matter what I do, it’s still a combination of both languages. For eg. half of the effects are in English language, like phaser or echo. But the other half is in Polish with some really elusive names, like “multitool to edit ghosts” or “shelves to edit wraiths”… Ehh… What?

Is there a way to fix it so the entire UI is in English language?

I’m using Audacity 2.4.1 on Windows 10.

What happens if you change the language setting in Audacity Preferences from “system” to “English”?

It’s already set to English. Also when I set it to “System”, nothing changes.

Oh, forgot to write that in the first post, so just to let you know, I have already uninstalled Audacity, removed remaining files, then installed it again and set the option to reset all preferences. The UI is still in two languages though! Not idea why lol.

I’m having the same issue after Audacity crashed recently, wiping all settings to default. The affected menus are Generate, Effect, Analyze, and Tools, though only the very lowest group of each dropdown aren’t in English.

Looks like the setup is the same as @Caesum’s: Although the system language is set to my regional locale (which is something like my own third or fourth language), I prefer English as a GUI language in individual programs, in order to follow support and tutorials. Suddenly I have to guess at the name of effects that I have used regularly before.

The difference from Caesum’s case is that I had a fully functional, English language install of Audacity until the crash earlier this week. I upgraded to v2.4.2 today, hoping it would unf*ck the menus but here I am, still involuntarily bilingual :confused:

Try reinstalling Audacity from the .EXE installer and select the option to “Reset Preferences” during the installation.

Thanks Steve – following your advice I tried twice without luck, running the installer as admin the second time to see if that would do the trick. No luck.

I’ve changed the system language for my account to English to help matters, but when I reset config on my latest installation it all just trots back to the systemwide default :confused: So this is a weird one, I guess especially because it all went sideways after a crash?

I do appreciate any further suggestions!

Yes, that’s expected after resetting preferences, but you should then be able to “cleanly” set the required language in the Preference settings.

Note that some of the translations are incomplete (we rely on volunteers to make the translations). Any text that does not have a translation will be displayed in English regardless of the selected language.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was stuck with a load of translated strings in the menus until I realized how many files were left over for manual deletion after an uninstall. I uninstalled Audacity again, backed up my plug-ins, deleted all Audacity folders, restarted the computer and did a fresh install. Now all menus are finally back in English.

Thanks for the advice, though it seems I had to dig a little deeper. Sometimes there’s only the long way around to set things right…