Audacity to excel in real time


Using the microphone to record is fine. I can set to log anything above a certain db which can then send as an excel file.
However, is there any way to have anything set above a certain db straight away to excel in real time?


You can do what? :confused:
Perhaps you could describe what you mean using more words.

Hi Steve

i can transfer data to excel after working on a sound.
Is there any way to transfer to excel in real time


Let’s say I’m watching a YouTube video of a guy doing a basic drum beat. I will want to transfer to excel any noise above a certain db - in this case, trying to capture each time the drummer hits the cymbals. If it’s a 30 second video, when transferred to excel I should hopefully see when exactly the cymbals were hit (noise set to certain db level) so let’s say 5 13 18 26 seconds.

Which is great. But I’d like to transfer the data to excel in real time rather than wait until the video is finished, then transfer to excel

Hope that’s a bit clearer

I think the answer is probably no you can’t do that in real time, though I still don’t understand what you mean by “transfer data to excel”. How are you doing that? Are you talking about Sample Data Export?

Yes sample data export.

I can use that for logging data but real time is needed.


Sorry no luck. It doesn’t do real time.