Audacity taking 40+GB hidden space

As I was cleaning up my 1TB C drive yesterday, I’ve freed up 60GB of files from 98% to 92% usage. However, when I recorded a live podcast through the night (10 hours) so I can listen to it in free time, when I woke up and checked, it took up 40+ GB on my drive again. I was going to delete the temporary file after editing and saving it to my external 4TB SSD, but Audacity crashed when i was editing. When I start up Audacity again, all of my data has lost, but somehow it was still eating up 100GB of space in my C drive with hidden files.

I’ve checked all of the Roaming, Local, Temp folders in my C drive but with no found. It is seriously slowing down my PC’s boot time and responsiveness as the SSD is a cheap Crucial one and it is known to be slow when filling up 80+% space.

I’ve also tried deleting Audacity but all of the hidden files are still there. Is there a way I can find all of the hidden files?

There is session data that can add up to that much when you have multiple windows open and it crashes all of them. Try looking in

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