Audacity suddenly bad recording

Hi. I’ve seen a few posts mentioning bad quality recordings - with some suggestions, but none seem to answer my problem. I have been using Audacity for many years - love it. But, today, my project had a terrible recording quality - like it had been recorded from an old transistor radio (remember those?).
I’m recording from YouTube - as I usually do - in order to edit music for my annual firework display. But I can’t possibly use the recordings from today.
I’ve tried boosting the bass & reducing the treble, but it isn’t right & the sound is still “thin & hollow” - like I said - as if I were listening to a small transistor radio. It’s the same if I record from Spotify etc.
When I play last year’s, or previous year’s projects, they play great with a rich full sound.
What can suddenly be the matter ? What can I do please? Thank you so much.

It sounds like maybe you are recording from the microphone built-into your laptop.

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Hi. No it’s not that. All the settings seem ok. I’ve been 10 days now fiddling around with bass, treble, whatever, whatever, whatever. But it’s still a lower volume & very “thin” - there’s no full rich sound like my previous recordings. Amplifying doesn’t help - just makes it louder & more horrible. The blue wave has thin vertical lines - not deep bold lines like my previous projects. I’m panicking now because I have a deadline for this project ! There’s no point messing around with it any longer - it’s DEFINITELY in the recording & so I’ll have to do it all again. Thanks anyway.

Do a brief test to make sure doing it over again is going to work.


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